The Trouble with Gluten-Free Travel.

The trouble with gluten free travel is just about everything. If you are newly-diagnosed as a person with celiac disease, or you are gluten intolerant, or you just want to stop eating wheat “just ’cause”, let me tell you a dirty little secret about the gluten-free lifestyle: gluten-free travel is not easy. It’s not impossible, but let’s just say that your choices are somewhat limited. To wit: AIRPORTS!! I would like to ask you what you think about the following idea: I am calling it “Gluten Free to Go”. It would be a small kiosk style store in major airports where the gluten sensitive could pick up really good GF food to go. I am talking sandwiches on really good gluten free bread (made by me, of course), and pasta dishes, too! Is this an idea whose time has come? There is almost nothing that we can eat in airports. I can’t tell you how many salads I have eaten, mainly greens with some cheese and tomatoes, while traveling. I think we are due for a change.

Now I realize that people who are GF usually take their time to plan in advance when it comes to public transportation, but think of all the people who travel all the time for business, are constantly in airports, and have almost no choice of things to eat. I find myself constantly searching airports for something to eat. Thank goodness for that cute place in Terminal E at Intercontinental airport, Le Petit Bistro. But when my flight is not at Terminal E, I’ve got problems. Please let me know what you think of this idea, and let me know of other good airport GF options. Our breads are now available in a variety of stores around the Houston area, including Hubbell and Hudson in The Woodlands, and the Whole Foods store on Bellaire Blvd.

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