Gluten Free at Camp

Going Gluten Free at Camp
We wanted to share a couple of stories about being gluten free at camp. We are not really sure which is worse, being the worrying mom or being the hungry camper. We have seen quite a few moms in the store lately stocking up on gluten free breads, cookies, cereals etc. to take to camp. Today Nick and Megan (a gf brother and sister duo) came in to load up on gluten free goodies for their trip up to Camp Ozark in Arkansas. Their mom shared with us that the camp doctor is a pediatrician here in Houston and her family is gluten free. We are happy to report that Camp Ozark really works with all the kids at camp who have dietary restrictions. Nick and Megan can go to camp not having to worry about what they can eat at camp and mom doesn’t have to worry either. We would like to give shout out to Camp Champions in Marble Falls, TX. This is the first year that Camp Champions has proactively ordered gluten free products through their food service provider. It turns out that Camp Champions has over 60 gluten free kids this summer. The best news of all is that the food service provider called us at Gluten Free Houston to help them supply Camp Champions with all their gluten free needs. On top of that we have received orders from camps all over the United States requesting gluten free items for their gf campers. It is great to see that more and more camps are becoming aware of the needs of our gluten free kids!
Have a happy and healthy gluten free summer everyone!

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