Food Service Establishments

Gluten Free Nation is a supplier to the food service industry. We supply nursing homes, retirement communities, assisted living facilities, schools, universities, camps, hospitals, health, golf & country clubs, restaurants, hotels and sports facilities.

To order Gluten Free Nation products for your food service facility, please contact us at 713-784-7122, or via e-mail

Or contact your Sysco Marketing Associate.


BRAND                   PK/SZ                                 DESCRIPTION

GLTN FR                 24/3.5 OZ                             BUNS, BURGER/SANDWICH   GF/DF

GLTN FR                 24/3 OZ                                BUNS, HOT DOG   GF/DF

GLTN FR                 72/1.75OZ                            DINNER ROLLS   GF/DF

GLTN FR                 6/23 OZ                                BREAD, PUMPKIN GF/DF

GLTN FR                 6/23 OZ                                CAKE POUND LEMON GF

GLTN FR                 24/2.5 0Z                             MUFFINS, BLUEBERRY GF/2.5 0Z

GLTN FR                 24/3 OZ                               CUPCAKES, 3 OZ – VAN.,  CHOCOLATE , RED VELVET       OR CARROT CAKE

GLTN FR                 36/1 OZ                               COOKIES, SNICKERDOODLES GF/1 OZ

GLTN FR                 36/1 OZ                               COOKIES, CHOCOLATE CHIP GF/1 OZ

GLTN FR                 3/2.5 LBS                            PIE PUMPKIN 9” GF

GLTN FR                 3/2.5 LBS                            PIE PECAN 9” GF

GLTN FR                 12/9 OZ                               PIE CRUST 9” GF

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